About Us

Pabo Latino is a small island that incorporates the whole Latin American culture. It’s never cold in here - sun is always shining. Wild dances heat the air up to a dangerous level, and suddenly everyone feels the Latin blood in their veins.

This exotic island accommodates 190 seats, 3 halls, 2 bars and a big open-air terrace. Club can hold several different programs at a time. Pabo Latino strives to create great atmosphere, fosters different tastes, and guarantees an exceptional quality of parties.

Counting its 10th year, the Latin American residence not only throws regular parties but also organizes dance lessons with a professional teacher. Moving your hips to the rhythms of salsa, rumba, bachata and cha-cha-cha will transfer you to a thrilling world of entertainment where you forget all your worries.

Unique music and great cocktails have become Pabo Latino’s visiting card. Club’s residents, Lithuanian music stars and foreign experts of Latin rhythms take care of great mood every night.

The club also welcomes drink gourmands. Experienced bartenders surprise guests with exceptional and original cocktails while their stunts behind the bar make the guests catch their breath.

Pabo Latino team takes all responsibility for the safety of their guests - the club has a strict ‘face control’ policy, and doormen have a right to deny entry to anybody at their discretion.

For further information, please contact club’s administration on weekdays 9:00-17:00 by phone +370 262 10 45, or send an inquiry to info@pabolatino.lt